THE INTERNATIONAL VLADIMIR NABOKOV SOCIETY will hold two panels at the annual MLA conference in December 2005.
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From: Anita Kondoyanidi

Call for Papers: (MLA, 2005, Washington, DC)

(1) Nabokov and European Modernism

Despite Vladimir Nabokov's dislike of literary labels, he clearly acknowledged his position in modern literary culture and history. We seek papers that present critical interpretations of Nabokov's early texts and "place" him within British, French, and German literary cultures of the early 20th century.

Please submit abstracts of 250 words, plus a brief CV, by March 15, to Anita Kondoyanidi at


(2) The MLA Open Session on Vladimir Nabokov

By March 15, 2005, please send your best ideas for a paper on any aspect of Nabokov's work to Zoran Kuzmanovich (