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N.V. Semyonova " Tsitata v Khudozhestvennoi Proze (na materialakh Proizvedenii Nabokova)" "Citation in Belles-lettres (on material of works by Nabokov)", published in 2002, Tver', by the Tver' State University, in Russian, the run - 300 copies, 200 pages, paperback.
Condition: new.
Price: $ 22US (Registered Airmail postpaid).

Best regards, Andrey and Nina.

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Тема: Add Dolinin & Leving books?
Дата: 29 января 2005 г. 21:58

Dear Andrey & Nina,          I forward the note below from Sasha Dolinin. Perhaps you would like to add his and Yuri Leving's new books to your VN list? Especially Sasha's book which will become a standard work for all scholars.   Best, Don ----------------------------------------------  Dear Don,
I am sending to you Yury Leving's new book on Nabokov as well as a
copy of my "Istinnaia zhizn' pisatelia Sirina" (St.Petersburg:
Akademicheskii proekt, 2004). For some reason neither one is on the
list of Russian books you got.

Best, Sasha