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Dear Carolyn,
You wrote, following the E.Brittannica,  that "long before the news of
 Napoleon's death reached her, she was living in intimate relations with
 Neipperg at Parma, and bore a son to him not long after that event."

 My sources are not as established and tradicional as the E.B, but were
 gathered from a novel about Marie Louise´s sister Leopoldine, who moved to Brazil after she was married to King Pedro I.  It informed the reader that  Marie Louise bore Neipperg a daughter in Parma  around August 1817.
Metternich  kept the news from the Austrian Imperial family, as he also had kept secret Napoleon´s letters to Marie Louise. Napoleon died in 1821 while M.L was expecting another child from Neipperg ( Metternich´s protegé ). Because she´d become a widow, her son could now be officially acknowledged.
The two children were Albertine, Countess of Montenuovo (1817-1867, married Luigi, Count di Fontanellato) and  Wilhelm Albrecht, Count of Montenuovo, later created Prince of Montenuovo (1819-1895, married Countess Juliana Batthyány von Némét-Ujvár).

That´s all I could learn about her and this is why I thought that Napoleon
 could have been distraught or jealous because she didn´t answer his messages  from Elba, nor did she obey his summons.Akiko seems to consider that Marie Louise has no importance in TT ( and I agree with her but I wanted to establish a motive for Napoleon´s jealousy or anger )