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Humbert's Remorse
I don't have much to add to what I'll call Humbert's Remorse; since that is surely more descriptive than Nabokov and Twelve-Year-Old Girls; but only take note-of all the interest shown, and the connection to speculation about VN's own sexuality, inner inclinations.

As far as that second issue goes: L. Carroll had all those photos (and even here many fans of Carroll don't share VN's conclusions on Carroll's pedophilia); but on VN, as far as I can tell, there is no ocular proof, no suspicious arrests.
My negative capacity is large enough to accommodate this I guess: I conclude nothing.

I do wonder though whether Humbert's Remorse & Possible Spiritual Salvation has ever been addressed in detail, and a slightly less dizzying format, than these posts have been.

Perhaps someone might be inclined to organize some of these recent thoughts & opinions...
I, unfortunately, am too busy.

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