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Two sightings, if you've not already been apprised of them...

Wall Street Journal, 11-27-95 book review of Umberto Eco's _The Island of
the Day Before_:
"Umberto Eco, the Italian philosopher and novelist who has written "The
Name of the Rose" and "Foucault's Pendulum," is the last of the great
20th-century polymathic fabulists in the tradition of Joyce and Nabokov
and Borges."
review by Donald Lyons

>From the LA Times Book Review, 11-26-95 of _Numbers in the Dark and Other
Stories_ by Italo Calvino, reviewed by Richard Eder:
"Does publishing the bits and pieces left behind after a great writer dies
add to the immortality? Or does it nibble at it..."
"The recent publication of Albert Camus' Algerian memoir (_The Last
Man_), unfinished and imperfect in form, was a triumph, so fresh was it
with currents that he was still trying to channel. On the other hand, a
group of miscellaneous stories and short plays by Vladimir Nabokov
brought out a half-dozen years ago allowed readers to think "this is
indeed Nabokov" but not necessarily to remember why they might care. Last
month's publication of a group of his short stories, some previously
uncollected, was more of a mixed success."

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