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Pop Lolitology
EDITORIAL NOTE: My thanks to all of you who responded to my query about
LOLITA, Nick Cave, and Freedy Johnson. I now pass along a couple of
further LOLITA gems. Don Johnson
1) From: J.GOODENOUGH <>

Are you still compiling regular lists of mini-VN stories and gossip? If
so, did you see the rumour which has appeared in a tabloid gossip-column
or two over here (in England) concerning possible casting for *Lolita*?
For the title role they were suggesting (and I certainly hope someone
somewhere is joking!) Macaulay Culkin! The age is about right, and that
certain tom-boyish quality that Dolores has should come over; a Lolita for
our times?

2) From: Richard Stringer <>

A gentleman named Dick Bash with an address at "combatarms"
writes to the list infopro, a discussion group consisting mostly of
P.I.s, law enforcement, and information brokers a heart-felt (and rather
well-written) diatribe about pedophiles. He ends his comments with:

"There are organized groups such as the Lolita Society which
thinks extremely young girls are the ticket to sexual happiness....
for my money, we should castrate every one of these sick bastards."