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Fw: the Belladona thing

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Subject: the Belladona thing

Hi, Don

After I mailed you the "Colleen, my Colline" belladona association, I was worried in case you or Boyd had already pointed it out.
I had the pencil markings in my ADA since I first read it and yet, I never wrote a line about it. It could have been simply because someone had mentioned it at the List and made my notation superfluous but I forgot this again.

It would be worth adding your own advice: VN calls the reader´s attention to something particular when he writes usinga " -" to encircle an observation. There are "-" there, too.
I love to follow all the notes on Ada, TT or other VN books while they appear in action in a discussion at the List. Their text by itself ( as Boyd´s appears in The Nabokovian, or Apple´s in "Lolita") after a first read I leave them as I abandon a dictionary - it is always close at hand but almost forgotten. Your comments are usually more complex links in a full article with a structured presentation, wonderful and instigating but even more complicated to check for a single term!

If the link with Belladona is "original", please post it!