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Body Problemy vzaimodeistviia esteticheskikh sistem realizma i modernizma. Mezhvuzovskii sbornik nauchnykh trudov: Piatye veselovskie chteniia | Problems of Interrelation of Aesthetic Systems of Realism and Modernism. The Fifth Veselovskii Readings.
Ul'ianovsk: UlGPU, 2004. 121 p. Soft. ISBN 5-86045-154-7. 500 copies. In Russian.
The fifth issue of the collection takes in scientific reports concerning the peculiarities of artistic composition of the Russian "ornamental prose" (A.Veselyi, E.Zamiatin and B.Pil'niak) as well as relevant problems of the XXth-century Russian literature through the analysis of the creative activities of I.Bunin, F.Sologub, A. Kondratyev, V.Nabokov and M.Aldanov.
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