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Fw: Dmitri's swan story
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Subject: FW: Dmitri's swan story

> Dear Dmitri,
> Thanks for the swan story and other tales from the opera boards. I have
> always meant to ask you if there are any recordings of your singing voice?
> Did you ever sing any of the Russian repertoire? I wonder what you sound
> like.
> I think your father must have been something of a bower bird, picking up
> and
> collecting shiny objects (like the swan anecdote) that caught his eye and
> weaving them into his fantastic constructions. He has obvious succeeded
> in
> seducing many of us curious little birds who spy his creations and are
> attracted by the lovely tidbits that we sometimes recognize and manage to
> identify. It has given this curious little bird much pleasure.
> with best wishes from
> Carolyn