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Dolinin on a new source for Nabokov's LOLITA
EDNOTE. Alexander Dolinin, University of Wisconsin, is the editor of the splendid ten volume Symposium edition of Nabokov's collected works. He has published voluminously in both Russian & English on Nabokov and other writers. His most recent book is "Istinnaia zhizn' pisatelia Sirina: Raboty o Nabokove" (St. Petersburg: Akademicheskii proekt, 2004) [The Real Life of the Writer Sirin: Works about Nabokov].

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I would like to announce the publication of my essay "What Happened to Sally Horner? A Real-Life Source of Nabokov's Lolita" in this week's (London) "Times Literary Supplement" (Commentary, pp.11-12).

In Chapter 33, part II of the novel Humbert Humbert asks a question that so far has never been answered:

"Had I done to Dolly, perhaps, what Frank Lasalle, a fifty-year-old mechanic, had done to eleven-year-old Sally Horner in 1948?"
In my essay I answer "Yes, you had" to HH's question, reconstructing a very sad story of Florence Sally Horner, a brown-haired "bobby-soxer" from New Jersey, and demonstrating that it served Nabokov as a major source for the second part of Lolita.