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VN Bib:Boris Averin. Dar Mnemoziny) Sergey Davydov
(Teksty-Matreshki VNa)
Your editor learned of several recent books on Nabokov during my St. Petersburg stay.

1. Most important is Boris Averin's "DAR MNEMOZINY. romany Nabokova v kontekste russkoi avtobiograficheskoi tradititsii"." Sankt-Peterburg: Amfora, 2003. VN's memoirs are examined in the light of earlier autobiographical
writings, especially those of Belyi, Vyascheslav Ivanov, & Bunin.

2. Sergey Davydov's "TEKSTY-Matreshki Vladimira Nabokova." This is a revised issue of a book issued in Munich in 1982 and is the "first Russian-language mongraph on Nabokov." Sankt-Peterburg: Kirtsideli, 2004.

3, Vladimir Nabokov. "Drugie Berega (s parallel'noi publikatsiei anglissskoi versii." Moskva: Zakharov, 2003.
This is a very useful volume for scholars, especially those who squander hours crosschecking the first English version of VN's memoir (Conclusive Evidence) against the expanded Russian translation (Drugie berega). This very handsome little volume gives the original English and the expanded Russian texts side-by-side making comparisions of the two versions most convenient.

4. The Saint-Petersburg publisher Azbuka-Klassika has put out a handy new and inexpensive edition of VN's "Drugie berega" that includes a handful of autobiographically pertinent stories & poems. Best of all are the extensive commentaries/annotations by L.F. Klimenko & A.O. Filimonov. Introductory essay by Boris Averin.