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Dear Don (please feel free to post),

Thought you and the List would be interested in some of the planned LO Anniversary events as announced by Random House. The mention of Oprah stems from the enthusiastic illustrated mention of the original Putnam edition in the May 1 Anniversary Issue of her magazine.

Anthony Stadlen's fear, while announcing his seminars, that the title LOLITA -- or for that matter the mere word "sexuality" --must be altered to escape "quarantine" seems exaggerated. However, it's altogether possible that the computerized theocracy in command of the country I once revered may institute such measures. Utah's despotic Attorney General and the twenty states that have reinstated the primacy of Creationism lead the retrograde pack. It was, perhaps, claivoyant to skip a letter when naming our site, for "Nabokov" himself, properly spelled, may soon not be immune to quarantine.

Best, DN

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Dear Dimitri:

I apologize for not having gotten back to you sooner (yes, I am still here). I thought I had dropped you a note a few weeks ago, but either it exists only in my mind or it is still wandering around in some electronic virtual reality. We have indeed been in touch with Oprah, but on the matter of the books she selects for her club, this is strictly her decision and is not really "influenceable" by publishers. (It may, in fact, have the reverse effect). But the good news, as you can see, is the tremendous national coverage that we are picking up in anticipation of the new Vintage edition, so even though we may not have Oprah, we will have much to celebrate. I am very sorry to hear that you were ill, Dimitri. I do hope you have made a complete recovery and look forward to seeing you when you are next In New York.


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LOLITA 50th Anniversary Edition / Vladimir Nabokov (Sloane, x22016)

ISBN: 0-679-72316-1

On-sale: September 13, 2005


New York, NY - Columbia University's Miller Theatre - panel discussion with Alfred Appel, Stacey Schiff (Vera Nabokov's biographer) and Azar Nafisi (Reading Lolita in Tehran) (09/19)


New York, NY - New York Magazine, "the approval matrix": "Lolita, still seductive at age 50" (05/30)

NATIONAL -, pick for "summer school" series (August)

NATIONAL - Paper Magazine (web site feature), (09/07)

NATIONAL - Playboy Magazine, feature on "the covers of Lolita" (September)

NATIONAL -- (September)

NATIONAL - Harper's Bazaar, "the hot list" (September)

NATIONAL - Radar Magazine, format: tk (September)

NATIONAL - MORE Magazine, review (September)

NATIONAL - Vitals Magazine, Culture page (September)

NATIONAL - Flaunt Magazine, format: tk (September)

NATIONAL - Black Book, books page feature/AM Homes (September)

NATIONAL - GQ, feature story (September)

NATIONAL - The Nation (September)

NATIONAL -, feature story (09/12)

New York, NY - The New York Observer, feature essay by David Thompson (09/12)

NATIONAL - NPR, Morning Edition (09/16)

New York, NY - The New York Observer, 8-day-week (09/19)

New York, NY - The Village Voice, (date and format: tk)

NATIONAL - Atlantic Monthly, essay (September/October)

NATIONAL - Cargo Magazine, recommended by the editor (October/November)