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Fw: Dmitri Nabokov re Eco & Lolita spoof
EDNOTE. Good to know that WAXWING (see below is still with us Mr.
Fulmerford (a.k.a. Juan Martinez, editor of the Nabokov webpage WAXWING [See
below} ).
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Hello Don!

DN wrote: "The Eco/Fulmerford link, by the way, is canceled and no longer a
valid echo."

Eco's still there, as is the rest of Nabokovilia (if indeed this is in
reference to my site and I am not caught up, while in the midst of an
Orlando to Nevada move, in a bout of referential mania--if so, apologies for
the misunderstanding):

Also, Edmund White mentions Nabokov in a recent New Yorker memoir:

"Public-library intellectuals, magpies of knowledge, like most autodidacts
we were incapable of evaluating our sources. As a teen-ager, I tried to
write verse like Milton’s; later, I wanted to write novels like Nabokov’s.
In a novel I wrote in college, I imitated Evelyn Waugh. If someone had said
to me, 'But do you, the graceless son of a Cincinnati broker of chemical
equipment, do you seriously imagine that you can just write a Renaissance
Christian epic or something in the style of a Cambridge-educated Russian
aristocrat or of the spokesman of the Bright Young Things of London circa
1925?'*if someone had spoken like this to me, I wouldn’t even have
understood his point."

Not sure if anyone mentioned it before. It's in the June 13 & 20 issue, and
temporarily online at



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