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Fw: "Mademoiselle 'O'" & Paskhalnyi dozhd'(Easter Rain)
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Dear Don,

I do not have Vol.4, 1997, of NABOKOV STUDIES handy, so I cannot easily check if the below is redundant. However, since "Easter Rain," by Vladimir Nabokov, is mentioned on NABOKV-L on 13 March, 2005, I thought my comment might be useful. Some years ago Svetlana Polsky kindly called me about her discovery, and announced her intention of sending the text of the story "to Russia." I explained that this was not the policy that my late parents and I had adopted, and that the story should first of all be sent to me. I was prevented from translating it for some time. Before the printing of CONJUNCTIONS:38, I unexpectedly received a draft translation by Peter Constantine, requesting my approval for its publication, an approval I could not grant. After considerable revision, I ageed to publication of "Easter Rain," "translated from Russian by Dmitri Nabokov and Peter Constantine," in CONJUNCTIONS:38. I cannot account for the mention online of "CONJUNCTIONS:37" rather than "38." My agent, Nikki Smith, can supply full details.

Dmitri Nabokov

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EDNOTE. Although "Mademoiselle 'O'" was written in French in 1936, it had a Russian semii-predecessor "Paskhalnyi dozhd'," a long lost 1925 story rediscovered by Svetlana Polsky. See below for her article comparing the two texts.

NABOKOV STUDIES (Vol. 4, 1997)

Table of Contents
From the Editor vii

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D. Barton Johnson 1
That Butterfly in Nabokov's Nabokov's _Eye_

Julian Connolly 15
Nabokov's Dialogue with Dostoevsky:
_Lolita_ and "The Gentle Creature"

Priscilla Meyer 37
_Despair_ and _The Real Life of Sebastian Knight_
as Doubles

Stephen H. Blackwell 61
Fated Freedoms:
Textual Form and Metaphysical Texture in Nabokov

Anna Brodsky 95
Homosexuality and the Aesthetic of Nabokov's _Dar_

Anat Ben-Amos 117
The Role of Literature in _The Gift_

Svetlana Polsky 151
Vladimir Nabokov's Short Story "Easter Rain"

Vladimir Mylnikov 163
The Nature of Textual Binarity: Nabokov's "Christmas"

Brian Boyd 173
Shade and Shape in _Pale Fire_

Amy Spungen 225
A Response to Sarah Herbold

Sarah Herbold 231
A Response to Amy Spungen


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Review by Priscilla Meyer 237

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