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Fw: FVN sighting: Villa-Matas "El Viaje Vertical"

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Subject: FVN sighting: Villa-Matas "El Viaje Vertical"

Nabokov Sighting: " El Viaje Vertical " ( Vertical trip ) by Enrique Villa-Matas, 2001, in which the author makes a reference to Pnin while criticizing the academic world and imitations.
"Everything was copied from Manfredi"...
" If, in the long run of his life Mayol had given himself the trouble to read novels he´d have been able to tell his companion that he had no right to criticize copied things because he, with his glasses framed in acrilic and his simian upper lip was nothing else but a pathetic imitation of Professor Pnin, an invention of Nabokov´s" .
( I translated freely from another translation of the original in Spanish - which I have not read. There seems to be no English translation of this particular novel of Villa-Matas´s )