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Bibliography: Neil Cornwell's on Lolita subtexts
Neil Cornwell, "Nameki na Lo: Sireny, Dzhojs i Nabokov's 'Lolita'"[Intimations in Lo: Sirens, Joyce and Nabokov's Lolita] . In Vittorio. Mezhdunarodnyi nauchnyi sbornik, posviashchennyi 75-letiiu Vittorio Strady. Eds Sergei Bocharev & Aleksandr Parnis. Tri Kvadrata: Moskva 2005.

Neil Cornwell provides a masterful survey of Lolita "sources" and scholarship plus his own rich ruminations on the subject. He is especially well informed on the Joyce and James connections and earlier shared (on NABOKV-L) the portion of his essay dealing with the Ulysses connection. I hope that the entire essay can be made available in English since it a wealth of information.

Don Johnson

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