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Fwd: Re: daily telegraph review of maar
Dear Don and all,

I'm afraid it's "The Daily Telegraph," and not Michael Maar who is guilty of
having difficulties in reading. Or perhaps the reviewer is simply too young
to recall a time when sexual intercourse in literature was not blatantly

It should be obvious to any reader that the narrator did have sexual
relations with a female child - -"she was terribly young by our Northern
standards" clearly refers to Lolita as being an inappropriate sexual

Carolyn Kunin

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> Seventy pages later, the original text reveals quite how coloured this
> description is by the need to fit Lichberg's lifeless protagonist to Nabokov's
> multi-hued monster, Humbert Humbert. There is no suggestion of gross
> impropriety in the original, and the girl's exact age is far from clear.

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