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Re: Fwd: Re: daily telegraph review of maar's "Two Lolitas"

Speaking as one of those college students:

Even when I first read Lolita during my sophomore year, I never identified H.H.
as middle-aged. Of course, my view of how he looked was based on the
advertisement in the annotated version of the novel, so I'm sure that helped a
bit. The majority of my friends also tend to be a bit older than myself, so I'm
sure that helped as well. I really do despise the Kubrick film for many reasons,
one of which is the age of the actress playing Lo, and another being the
horrendous casting choice for H.H. In that regards, Lynne gains the upper hand
with Jeremy Irons, who is almost exactly how I imagined H.H. to look like while

But I'm most likely an outlier here.


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