NABOKV-L post 0013642, Mon, 16 Oct 2006 16:21:20 -0700

PF's Tselovalnikok
In my relentless campaign for ever more trivial observation, I offer the following: in the Note for line 17, we find:

"Jakob Gradus called himself variously Jack Degree or Jacques de Grey, or James de Gray, and also appears in police records as Ravus, Ravenstone, and d’Argus. Having a morbid affection for the ruddy Russia of the Soviet era, he contended that the real origin of his name should be sought in the Russian word for grape, vinograd, to which a Latin suffix had adhered, making it Vinogradus. His father, Martin Gradus, had been a Protestant minister in Riga, but except for him and a maternal uncle (Roman Tselovalnikov, police officer and part-time member of the Social-Revolutionary party), the whole clan seems to have been in the liquor business."

NOTE. The maternal uncle "Tselovalnikov" also apparently had roots in the liquor business since his name is an old word meaning "one who sells "drinks in a tavern" (and, also a tax collector).

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