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VN on translation
Can anyone hazard an answer about what VN truly believed about
We don't have to guess - - VN wrote some remarkable lines (probably from
"An evening of Russian poetry") that is something like: a parrot's
chatter,/ the poet's head upon platter (CK)

JM: I doubt that you will find "what VN truly believed" in only one
place and as some definite statement. His sentences about that subject
( the poem you quoted has been already posted some time ago in
connection to an article about the theme written by G.Steiner) not
always follow his assertion concerning his choice for translating EO ...
There are various inconsistencies and it would be interesting to compare
his various opinions.

Jansy Mello


Sorry I caught a slight error in the archive version - - the sixth line
should begin with "Are pardoned" rather than "And pardoned."

Carolyn Kunin

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