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VNBib: Imperiia N. Nabokov i posledniki. Sbornik
Just out. More details as available.

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Leving IU., Soshkin E.
Imperiia N. Nabokov i nasledniki: Sbornik statei | Empire N. Nabokov and the Successors: A Collection of Articles.
M.: NLO, 2006. 544 p., il. Hard. ISBN 5-86793-468-3. 3000 copies. In Russian.

The articles provide study of a unique system of views of the cult Russian writer, Vladimir Nabokov, which has preserved its relevance in the light of the present-day literary-cultural and academic situation. Phenomenon "Nabokov" is considered as a kind of literary and commercial industry. Over 200 scholars from 8 countries of the world try to understand Nabokov's relation towards popular culture (theater, cinema, visual arts), as well as to evaluate the writer's influence upon the literature of the late 1980s - early 1990s.
$28.00 (Item no. M74077)

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