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Dieter Zimmer on MacDiarmid, Southey, etc.
Jerry Friedman writes:

Thanks for a very interesting post! I hadn't looked for
common features of Kinbote's scholarly interests.
And Matt Roth adds:

Many thanks to Dieter Zimmer for this very useful annotation on McDiarmid
and others. One question: how can we assume that "Nabokov's source probably
was a book by Robert Scott Fittis, Sports and Pastimes of Scotland (London
1891)"? Do we know that he used this book for other information? Google
Books shows that there are many references to McDiarmid and "incoherent
transactions," in Southey but also in works by other writers.

Also, will a full English translation of the German annotations ever be made
available? Perhaps in Zembla or NOJ, if nowhere else?

Matt Roth

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