NABOKV-L post 0017378, Sun, 23 Nov 2008 21:49:22 -0500

Browning's Skoramis -- addendum
'Skoramis' is indeed in LSJ--the o is an omega, and that may be
why you had trouble finding it. It's defined as a night-stool.
The root is 'skor,' which means 'dung,' and that's also a fairly
unusual word, but the genitive is skatos, the root of such
English words as 'scatological.'

I haven't been following this thread, so I can't comment
further, but thought I'd save the good folks at Perseus a few minutes.


Stan Kelly-Bootle wote:

I haven't located 'skoramis' in the Liddle-Scott online
dictionaries, nor can I find 'chamber-pot/commode' on the
English side of L-S definitions, but I have sent a query to
perseus at Tufts

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