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[NABOKOV-L] Sighting: King,Queen,Knave in Slavoj Zizek
After a jump from blue inenubilable Zembla onto a totally different book, namely, Slavoj Zizek's "The Paralaxe View" ( Massachussets Institute of Technology,2006), published by Boitempo Editorial, 2008, I came across, right in its first chapter( "O Materialismo Dialético Bate à Porta" / "Dialectic Materialism Knocks at the Door", a reference to Vladimir Nabokov. Does Nabokov's spirit roam everywhere? I feel particularly haunted...

Unfortunately the quoted preface by VN to the English translation of King, Queen, Knave is, likewise, is only accessible to me in my native language ( it is absent from my Collins edition). There is no entry for Nabokov in Zizek's Indice Remissivo (Index) but this seems to have been an editorial oversight.
Nabokov's sentence is the penultimate one in the foreword written in Montreux, 1967.

In my rather vague rendition (double-sense included):
"Therefore, in a paraphrasis of the famous and corrosive antifreudian warning by Vladimir Nabokov in his preface the English edition of "King,Queen,Knave" I'd like to emphasize, as always, that, as always (and, as always there'll be many sensitive people whom I like who shall feel offended), the delegation of democracy-to-come has not been invited. But if an insistent democract-to-come still manages to drop in, I must warn him that here and there, all over this book, cruel traps have been set up."

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